Experiencing Change

My approach in workshops is based on the ORSC model, which views teams and relationships as a whole. Through a combination of activities, reflections, and interactive exercises, a sustainable learning effect is achieved; „Aha-moments“ can help teams clarify their identity, improve collaboration, and successfully navigate changes.

For larger groups, I collaborate closely with colleagues from my network to ensure that the workshops are effectively tailored to the needs of the group and achieve the desired results.

• Team Building: Through various exercises and activities, the team is strengthened, collaboration and communication are improved, and trust is built. Team members learn to work effectively with each other and pursue common goals.

• Conflict Management: Conflicts are inevitable in any team. They can also be productive when managed well. Team workshops provide techniques and strategies for resolving conflicts constructively and promoting collaboration within the team.

• Change Management: Change can be challenging for teams. Resistances need to be recognized and overcome for teams to adapt to new situations.

• Team Development: Teams are constantly evolving, and it is important to consciously accompany this process. In team workshops, the dynamics and needs of the team are analyzed to support the team’s development in a targeted manner.

• Team Communication: Communication is a central factor for successful teamwork. In team workshops, communication techniques are introduced and practiced to improve team communication, minimize misunderstandings, and establish effective communication patterns.