„In coaching, Carsten Pfahlert utilizes a wonderful combination of methodology, persistence, and empathy. He always keeps the coaching goals in mind and at the same time enables an individual, situation-specific approach where I, as the coachee, can fully focus on myself. An excellent support for my personal development, both in my job and private life.“ 
Staff Executive, March 2023

„Carsten enabled me to have a clear vision of my goals, my visions, and thus myself during a very turbulent career phase. Rarely have I been able to work with a person who exudes such trustworthiness and honesty.“ 
General Manager Automotive, Januar 2022

Right from the start Carsten realized my potential and coached me into experiencing and uncovering it for myself. He is an incredibly gifted coach, who takes tremendous joy in helping people to grow on their own.”
Director Pharma, December 2021

„Carsten managed to recognize my talents much more clearly and enabled me to use them more effectively in a short period of time. Thanks to him, I now see my professional path more clearly. My leadership style gains profile and strength! Thank you for that!“
Manager Automotive OEM, December 2021

Carsten has a gift of connecting deeply. He is the best coach I have worked with so far.“
Teamleader, May 2021

The peaceful warrior that brings back humanity into the workplace and beyond.
Mastercoach, April 2021

Intuition to sense what people are feeling and the power to move people.“
Director, March 2021

Natural gravitas, centered and connected.“
Fellowtrainer, June 2019

Probably the most non-judgemental person I met.
Groupleader, August 2020