“People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

Co-active model, CTI

This fundamental principle is one that I wholeheartedly embrace, and it serves as my compass throughout every coaching session, whether my client is a private individual or a corporate client.

Regardless of whether we’re embarking on our first leadership role, progressing in our careers, striving for balance between personal and professional goals, or searching for the meaning of life, we all have questions. The following are examples of the kinds of questions my clients typically ask:

“I am not sure if leadership is right for me.“

How can I be more visible?

“What is the significance of advancing my career, and how will it impact my life? “  

“How can I lead authentically? “

“I have achieved a lot but feel a bit lost now.”

“I am good at starting things but then I don’t get to finish them.”

“I find it difficult to define a clear goal for myself.”

“I fully support the organization’s vision but there is a layer of clay right above me that blocks everything.”

“I am not sure what to do with the remaining 11 years to work.”

“I would like to take more responsibility but then I don’t like politics in management.”

“Why am I in this world? What is my purpose? “

Each and every one of us has guiding beliefs that shape our personal and professional lives, ideally aligning with our inner values. However, at times, these beliefs can take on a life of their own and create obstacles. As an individual in a position to assist you, my responsibility is to question these beliefs, allowing you to make informed decisions on which ones to retain and which ones to discard.

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Virtually via ZOOM or other platforms like Teams or GoogleMeet.

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